2016 Manitowoc MLC650 w/ VPC MAX - 716 Ton Lattice Boom Crawler Crane

Crawler Cranes
Serial Number
Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA
Upon Request

One (1) New 2016 Manitowoc MLC650, S/N: 606118, 716 Ton Lattice Boom Crawler Crane with Variable Position Counterweight (VPC) and VPC MAX Attachment, S/N: 605564, Equipped As Shown Below:

- 282.2 Ft of No. 680 Boom
- Detachable Upper Boom Point
- 2 Main Hoist Drums in Boom Butt (Drum 1) and in 4 m Insert (Drum 2)
- Whip Drum Mounted in Rotating Bed #3
- Self Erect System with Carbody Jacking Cylinders
- 32 mm Diameter Wire Rope on Main Hoist Drums (3,170’)
- 32 mm Diameter Wire Rope on Main Hoist Drums (3,750’)
- 28 mm Diameter Wire Rope on Whip Hoist Drum (2,034’)
- Luffing Jib Preparation
- VPC-MAX Preparation
- Series 2 & 3 Counterweight (881,850 Lbs Total)
- Rigging Winch with Frame
- Boom Rigging Ladders
- Boom Walkways
- Vision Cab with Power Tilt
- Protective Nylon Window Covers
- Operator’s Station Pivots for Transportation
- Air Conditioning in Operator’s Cab
- Crane Control System (CCS) with 2 Full Graphic Displays
- Camera System For Viewing Hoist Drums
- Automatically Lubricated Intermediate Rollers
- Cummins QSX15-600 Tier 4f 600 HP Diesel Engine
- Auto-Lube for Turntable Bearing
- Anemometer
- Auxiliary Power Unit Capable of Powering Cab System Electrical, Cab Heat, Air Conditioning and Cold Weather Package While Main Diesel Engine is Shut Down
- Portable Hydraulic Power Unit Capable of Providing Hydraulic Power for Standard Supplied Hand-Held Pin Puller Used for Setup, Boom Connector Pins, Carbody Jacks and Carbody to Crawler Pin Pullers
- Cold Weather Package
- Remote Fast Fill Fuel Assembly
- 60 Ton Single Sheave Hookblock, Weight: 8,585 Lbs
- VPC MAX: 36 m (118.1’) Mast, Counterweight Beam, Actuator Mechanism and Deployable Floating Support